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Let Go of Despair, Embrace Harmony, and Empowerment


💕Step into Confidence, Serenity, and Authentic Expression by Deepening Your Connection with Mother Earth Wisdom and Feminine Energy!

Media and Collaborations Featuring Mariquita

On Gratitude, With Life Coach Mariquita Solis – Podcast

Victoria Moran is an inspirational speaker, corporate spokesperson, certified holistic health counselor (HHC, AADP), and founder and director of Main Street Vegan Academy, training and certifying vegan lifestyle coaches.

Making an Impact from a Place of Empowerment, Peacefulness and Compassion – Video

What a wonderful conversation with Mariquita Solis – Vegan Empowerment Coach – filled with high energy, connection and curiousity. We talk about how we can be empowered, live from our heart and experience peacefulness to make an impact with compassion, for humanity and the animals.

Download Connecting Soul Beings Podcast episodes here: https://biancadereus.com/podcast

The Importance of Unity In Activism, Million Vegan Grandmothers – Video

Why we need to end the bickering between vegans? How important is it to see every living being as part of a greater Universe? How we have to heal others so that we as a collective nature can heal.


Vegan Peace,  Mariquita Solis, Vegan Empowerment Coach – Video

So many vegans are struggling in sadness.  Sleeping in peace is attainable but it is a mindful action. Mariquita spent years working on herself to move into peace and POWER!


Effective Vegan Activism – Video

Mariquita Solis is a Vegan Empowerment Coach specializing in One on One and Group Coaching Programs. Mariquita works with vegan activists to let go of lack and problem focus. She works with her clients to build their foundations from a place of POWER and solution focus strategies.

Perfectly Imperfect Vegans with Kathleen Gage of Vegan Visibility – Video 

Mariquita discusses coming to a place of acceptance and self-love in the vegan movement. 

Discussing Animal Compassion with Mariquita Solis and Peter Goldstein of weDIDit.health – Video

Mariquita and Peter Goldstein join Carrie Bruno and Meryl Fury of PBNM, Plant Based Nutrition Movement.
2:58 – 5:04 Food as Medicine
6:18 – 7:15 Connecting What You Eat to How You Feel
16:35 – 19:16 The Disconnect Between Food and Animals
19:17 – 25:54 WeDIDit.Health

Mariquita Solis on Second Opinion Radio on WRFG 89.3 FM Atlanta – Podcast

Mariquita Solis first time on Melody’s podcast talking about vegan empowerment coaching. A unique and much-needed resource for vegans and earth-friendly people guiding them toward moving out of helplessness and into peace and action.

Human Insights – Podcast

This podcast covers issues of Climate Change, Building a Socially Responsible Economy, Health and Life and Death.

Listen on Spotify

Mariquita Solis, Vegan Empowerment Expert Joins VLynn Hawkins for “Vegan Switch.” – Video

Coach Mariquita Solis joins VLynn Hawkins in a powerful conversation about Vegan self-mastery and the journey to peace. Watch for laughs, authenticity, and vulnerability in the space of joy and love!

Mariquita Solis,Vegan Empowerment Coach

3 Steps to Transforming Your Vegan Activism – Workshop

It starts with Believing in Yourself.

Featured Speaker at VegFest Nigeria 2022

Making a Change in the World from a Place of Power and Love – New Mexico Vegan Magazine – Article

Too often, I see vegans who are angry, sad and struggling for people to listen to them. The energy of desperation is not an attractant.

I get it. The planet is hurting. The animals are suffering. Our loved ones are fighting poor health. There’s no time to waste. But forcing is counterproductive. Begging is counterproductive. Shaming is counterproductive…

Read More (5-Minute Read)

Be Magazine: Profiles of Changemakers – Article

Telling the Stories of Changemakers Around the World Who Are Working for Healthy People, Planet & All Living Things

Read More – Be Magazine


Vegan Empowerment Coach, Gaia Harmony Coach

View certificate

View certificate

Breakthrough Your Inner Glass Ceiling

Unlock Your Powerful Voice

Make An Impact on the World and Your Life!

Are you ready to stop reacting in way that serves no one and start responding in an effective manner for yourself, the animals and the planet?

The Vegan Empowerment Coaching Programs are tailored to your specific needs.

Mariquita joins together with you to gain clarity on your hidden superpowers, breaking though old limiting beliefs and your inner glass ceiling. 

You will work together to tap into your Inner Power that will transform your life as you move into unlimited potential and communication.

Together, you and Mariquita will assess your situation, gain insight on how to proceed, and develop a plan with structure and new skills that you will then put into action.

As a result of this coaching, you will be able to handle situations and people that once caused you stress in a calm, direct manner. You will step away from anxiety and, instead, communicate powerfully and effectively with others. 

The Pathway to Vegan Peace and Empowerment:

* Identify New Habits and Behaviors

* Identify New Skills and Capacities

* Identify Support Structures

* Provide Clear Steps and Accountability

* Provide Course Correction and Build Unstoppability



Your words gave me hope when there was none. Your inspiration has been the key to breaking out of my desperation when I was giving up hope. I was able to let go of my never ending obsession with forcing others when they weren’t ready.

I, now, am confident and living in peace.

I’m communicating the vegan message in a way that others are actually listening to me! Thank you for everything you have brought into my life!”  

Lianna Buckley

 “You are a phenomenal coach!!! You truly have made best use of YOUR talents by being a vegan coach! I really enjoyed your inspiring talks, listening to you coach someone in the group, your selflessness, and yet being willing to share things about YOURself. You did a great job as leader, facilitator and coach of our group! You really put your passion into it and it showed!” 

Sierra Brantley

“I highly recommend Mariquita if you’re someone like me, who recently learnt the tragic truth about what happens to animals in the production industry. I wanted desperately to take action but was in a place of anger and sadness, which paralysed me from moving forward and making changes. Mariquita was fantastic at getting me to reflect and look at situations from different angles. She helped me focus on the things that are going well in my life and in the world, and move me from a place of sadness and despair to one of hope and action.

Mariquita was there for me whenever I was struggling,

which meant the world to me. She is patient and empathic, and great fun too.
If I was able to, I’d keep working with her forever.”

Lorraine Stokes

“This was a life changing experience. I have developed confidence to help me know my power as a change maker!

Julius K.

“I highly recommend participating in Mariquita Solis’ Vegan Mastery group.

This experience helped me to find the peace and strength I needed to be a strong voice to help the animals.

Through weekly interactions with other like minded people, I was able to feel more powerful so that I can step up to help initiate change.
Thank you Mariquita for finding your purpose and for helping others to do the same.”   

Ellen Violet Svehla

“Mariquita is a phenomenal vegan coach – she is truly working her passion and using her talents to inspire and uplift her students. Veganism can be challenging and we could all use some outside influence to help keep us on-track so we can be more resilient and impactful as activists. I was in Mariquita’s group coaching sessions and loved it. Each week we had a new focus area and she had her own special ways of keeping us on-task and inspired us to stay positive and motivated as vegans and vegan activists.”   

Carla S.

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