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Vegan Empowerment Expert

Let Go of Hopelessness, Anger and Desperation

💕Step into Confidence, Peaceful Living and Effective Communication for the Animals and our Mother Earth!



Breakthrough Your Inner Glass Ceiling

Unlock Your Powerful Voice

Make An Impact on the World and Your Life!

Have you been bullied by others?

People at work make fun of you because of your beliefs and you don’t know where to turn or what to do. Reacting and shutting down is no way to live. There is another choice.  


Have you felt like you don't belong here, like you are on the wrong planet?

You have always felt different and feel like you have nowhere to turn. You can’t trust yourself to bring the inner peace you need. There is a new way of seeing that will bring you peace. 


Do you feel like you have no energy left?

You can’t fight anymore and you don’t know if you will ever get your fire back.  There is a way to live with passion that will bring you the satisfaction you are desperate for!


Are you tired of trying to force people to listen to you?

You have spent years and years debating people and they just won’t listen!, You feel defeated day after day. What if there was a better way to get people to listen? Are you ready to learn?




Are you filled with a deep compassion for all living beings and you feel like there is so much sadness it hurts?

 This is a sad, dark place to live in. This used to be my existence until I stepped into my Power and Calmness. Let me show you the path.

Are you ready to stop reacting in way that serves no one and start responding in an effective manner for yourself, the animals and the planet?

The Vegan Empowerment Coaching Programs are tailored to your specific needs.

Mariquita joins together with you to gain clarity on your hidden superpowers, breaking though old limiting beliefs and your inner glass ceiling. 

You will work together to tap into the 3 Power Centers that will transform your life as you move into unlimited potential and communication.

Together, you and Mariquita will assess your situation, gain insight on how to proceed, and develop a plan with structure and new skills that you will then put into action.

As a result of this coaching, you will be able to handle situations that once caused you stress in a calm, direct manner. You will step away from anxiety and, instead, communicate powerfully and effectively with others. 

The Pathway to Vegan Peace and Empowerment:

* Identify New Habits and Behaviors

* Identify New Skills and Capacities

* Identify Support Structures

* Provide Clear Steps and Accountability

* Provide Course Correction and Build Unstoppability


Vegan Empowerment Coaching

One on one coaching tailored especially for your needs to explore what you want from your life and/or business in a safe, confidential atmosphere. This is a solution and strength focused coaching program for inspired people who are ready to work together to uncover the blocks that are inhibiting their lives so they can move into their greater purpose and passion for living.


Working together with an experienced coach who has overcome life’s challenges. Brain based, science backed strategies are implemented to move forward.   Weekly support and accountability brings results.

Feel confident, get clarity, and focus with a clear vison on how to move forward! Together we set plans to move forward by taking action and getting results. This is a courageous journey and you will be supported to bring about a transformation in your life that benefits all areas.

Free 30 minute, no obligation call to chat


  • 1.5 Hour preliminary call to assess needs and set clear outcomes
  • Weekly high touch online coaching sessions (1 hr) with a clear action plan to bring about tangible results
  • Support between session if needed: through email or messenger app for 3 months



This is for fast track change to move into P O W E R!

This is for highly driven people who are ready for rapid transformation.


Intensive Learning Sessions for Busy Individuals

Create Big Results Fast

Giant Leaps Forward

Massive Action



Pre-Session Call :

Set the Outcome and Focus


 4-1.5 Hour Sessions :

Clarify Coaching Outcome

Identify Barriers

Breakthrough to New Story

Mapping Out the Pathway to Vegan Peace and Empowerment

Next Steps


Follow Up Call :

Integration and Accountability




1.5 Hour Coaching Call

This is for people who want one very specific challenge resolved. We uncover the big blocks that are holding you back, discover the greater story and map out your next steps for action and change.



Payment plans are available for all services. Financial plans available as well.


Vegan Mastery, Beta Group Coaching

starting August 31, 2022   

12 Weeks to Vegan Success and Impact!

1  and 1/2 hours a week on Zoom.

Replay available.

Safe, confidential space.

One or two people a week will be coached by Mariquita and supported by the group. 


 Weekly Topics: 

1. Upleveling Your Power as a Creator

2. Acceptance of All Feelings

3. Peaceful Vegan Living

4. Evolving Beyond Past Patterns

5. Supporting Yourself First

6. Vegan Visibility

7. Connecting with The Spirit of Veganism

8. Enhancing Your Intuition

9. Failing Forward with Courage

10. Resources and Support

11. Powerful Vegan Communication

12. Influence, Impact and Vegan Success!



Payment plans are available for all services. 



About Me 🌱 Ⓥ


💕 Mariquita Solis is a Vegan Empowerment Coach who transforms the personal and professional lives of her clients. Mariquita spent many years in self sabotaging relationships that were detrimental to her health and self esteem.  Her mantra, “What is wrong with me?” has been replaced with “What is right with me?”  She spent more than 40 years in battle with herself working to silence her inner voice and power.

 She fell into patterns of living her life for others and putting her needs last. It was not until she acknowledged the cries of her inner child that her life changed. She took back her Power and her Voice to step up for all living beings and Mother Earth. 

Mariquita has always known that helping others is the gift the Universe bestowed on her. Today, she lives to her highest potential in alignment with the Divine Energy of the Universe.

Mariquita uses her deep wisdom combined with her training in Feminine Empowerment Transformational Coaching and Greaterness Coaching to transform the lives of her clients.

Mariquita is a proud vegan, animal and earth activist. She is a Certified Vegan and Plant-Based Ambassador, International Award-Winning Speaker,  the leader of Unity North’s Animal Ministry, Praying Paws and weekly Livestream Host.  Mariquita uses her voice to speak up for herself and animals. She has a two-year-old part chihuahua rescue, Louie, who she spends her precious time with.   She volunteers at the Chattahoochee Nature Center as a trail interpreter and animal handler.  Her mission is to help as many vegans as she can, move to power and live in peace always. 



“Mariquita is an amazing guide through life’s ups and downs. She is a constant support for me going through domestic violence, divorce and child custody issues. I have been so very blessed to have her support and encouragement along my journey to grow into a stronger version of myself. Everyone should take the opportunity to open yourself up to this life guru as a True Angel to have in your toolbox of life.”  

Jenn H.

 “I really can’t thank you enough for your support. You came at a much needed time and have reigned me in and honestly your voice has been one of substance and tranquility.” 

Gloria K.

 I asked for Mariquita Solis’ coaching expertise to help me address some compulsive relationship patterns.

Mariquita first guided us through meditation to promote acceptance. The session was structured into a few parts: what I believe about my feelings (and on limiting beliefs), reconnecting to my inner wisdom and then to my inner child. 
Mariquita helped bring the disconnected parts of myself into loving dialogue.
My inner wisdom served as an anchor in the process which we returned to as needed. We explored these patterns across my life, not just in the initial question. I came out of the session with a sense of yearning to learn more about who I am, all while reminding me that I have the ability to tap into a more connected, authentic self. 
The session’s effects were quick acting. In validating my inner wisdom, I was able to take a small but triumphant step to question my relationship. This in turn encouraged me to continue to nurture my relationship with myself through clarity and compassion.
I thank Mariquita for her help. Her flexibility, kindness and commitment to helping clients love themselves can shift perspectives.


Anna J. 

I want to start by saying that Mariquita is great! She is a beautiful soul whose purpose on this earth is to help others realize their potential. Mariquita is the type of coach that holds you accountable to the things that you say and ensures that you stay focused. Not only was she available for our once a week check-ins; whenever I asked if she could talk, she was there! I would regularly receive videos of encouragement followed by messages that reminded me to stay focused. Mariquita provided a wrap-around coaching strategy  that reminded me to keep pushing towards the goals I had set. I would recommend her to anyone who is looking for a coach that has expertise and experience to coach you in a way that is current with modern achievement philosophy.  

Tom J.

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Podcast – Mariquita Solis on Second Opinion Radio on WRFG 89.3 FM Atlanta

Mariquita Solis first time on Melody’s podcast talking about vegan empowerment coaching. A unique and much-needed resource for vegans and earth-friendly people guiding them toward moving out of helplessness and into peace and action.

Podcast – From Toxic Relationships to Self Love

Mariquita (mari key ta) Solis is a Joyful Relationship Coach specializing in Feminine Empowerment. Mariquita works with ambitious, powerful, professional women to step away from unhealthy toxic relationships by unearthing their Feminine Power Center to get in alignment with their core values….

Video – Mariquita Solis, Joyful Relationship Coach

Mariquita’s clients are powerful, ambitious women who excel in their careers by being direct and getting what they want. They are strong in their energy and have learned new ways to use this power in their relationships. They know that coaching can go a long way, not only in aspects of relationship development, but also in unlocking professional growth, as well as handling the issues of being a female leader.

Video – Mariquita Solis, Vegan Empowerment Expert Joins VLynn Hawkins for “Vegan Switch.”

Coach Mariquita Solis joins VLynn Hawkins in a powerful conversation about Vegan self-mastery and the journey to peace. Watch for laughs, authenticity, and vulnerability in the space of joy and love!

Featured Speaker at VegFest Nigeria 2022

Article – Making a Change in the World from a Place of Power and Love – New Mexico Vegan Magazine

Too often, I see vegans who are angry, sad and struggling for people to listen to them. The energy of desperation is not an attractant.

I get it. The planet is hurting. The animals are suffering. Our loved ones are fighting poor health. There’s no time to waste. But forcing is counterproductive. Begging is counterproductive. Shaming is counterproductive…

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