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About Me 🌱 Ⓥ


Mariquita Solis is a certified Master Vegan Lifestyle Coach and Educator. She leads vegans to peace, POWER and effective activism through her one on one and group coaching programs.

As a Gaia Harmony Coach, she guides individuals to reestablish their connection with Mother Earth, fostering a sense of peace in their lives. In our modern, technology-driven lives, many individuals experience Nature Deficit Disorder, a disconnection from the natural world leading to stress and imbalance. As a Gaia Harmony Coach, Mariquita specializes in guiding individuals to overcome this disconnection, facilitating a profound reconnection with Mother Earth. Through tailored coaching, they work together to restore harmony, bringing the healing power of nature back into their lives and promoting overall well-being.

Mariquita suffered tremendously for years burying her feelings and needs. She literally hated herself, but she hid it well. This self hatred hindered every area of her life.

Mariquita always loved animals and immediately became vegetarian in 1995 after watching, “Meet Your Meat.” Still to this day, the images she saw haunt her, but they don’t control her life anymore. For years, she went back and forth as a vegetarian and vegan. Today, she has grounded herself in veganism. It is in alignment with everything in her life.

Mariquita spent years working on herself to escape the inner tyrant that controlled and stifled her life. She grew into POWER and compassion on a level she never thought possible.

Mariquita began her life coaching education with Dr. Michael Scimeca’s Living Well Education. She completed Claire Zammit’s prestigious Feminine Wisdom Coaching Program to further enhance her coaching skills. She attended Victoria Moran’s Main Street Vegan Academy and is a certified Vegan Lifestyle Coach and Educator. She spent years as a relationship coach but realized her passion drew her to vegan coaching.
Mariquita saw too many vegans struggling in sadness and ineffective activism and stepped into her mission, to empower as many vegans as possible.


For the Animals, For her Mother Earth and For Themselves!

 Today, Mariquita lives in Atlanta, Ga with her rescue pup, Louie. She is a member of Georgia Animal Rights and Protection. She is dedicated to their animal activist rallies and has been involved in fur, circus, aquarium protests and animal rights marches for decades.

Mariquita is a docent and animal handler at Chattahoochee Nature Center where she volunteers her time. She faciliates forest bathing, sound journey and laughter yoga to help people heal. She spends her Sundays as the leader of the Animal Ministry at her church, Unity North. Mariquita is a tree hugger by nature and deeply loves all of the Earth’s animals.

Her mission is to bring peace to all living beings.